Custom Work

Welcome to the creative process. This is where you can request something unique and special. Sometimes you can't find what you are looking for and sometimes it is nice to add a personal touch to something you already like. There are a few different options to choose from to either make a mug unique or to create something completely new. This is also the place for a business looking to create a custom mug to have more creativity in the process than just uploading your logo to a website and having it printed on a mug.

Name on a  Specialty Mug

Everyone loves their name on a mug. Whether it is for you needing to stake your claim as this is my mug, find your own coffee, or you want a special gift for a friend, putting a name on a mug is a great thing. 

Date on a Specialty Mug

This is for you love birds out there or new parents. There is nothing like commemorating special events with a date of when you got together, your wedding anniversary, or when you became parents. 

Mugs for Businesses

Every business needs unique product to sell and promote who they are, but how great would it be to have your own, personally designed, handmade mug to show off who you are while enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Completely Custom

Sometimes you just can not find the pottery you are looking for and it is time to branch off into the unknown, turn that brilliant idea into reality and enjoy the piece you have always wanted and dreamed of.


This Gallery here shows the different custom work I have done for people and businesses. There are mugs for businesses, mugs for a baby reveal gift, communion sets, french butter dishes, and large fruit bowls. You might see some of these items in my store. If one person wants it, chances are others do as well.

How the Process Works

Custom work requires great communication from both parties. In order to begin this process, simply fill out the form below. After I receive your request, I will be contacting you and we will be working together to make your idea a reality. For those of you just wanting a name or date on your mugs, the process is really simple and straightforward, but as we move into mugs for businesses or completely custom work, the process is a little more involved. The turn around time for any custom work is between 1 and 3 months depending on how many requests I have. So, let's jump off the cliff together and create that perfect piece or special mug.

Choosing Your Color

Ceramics is a fascinating process. It is both art and science. When it comes to shape and form, the possibilities are only limited by imagination. However, when it comes to color, there is much more chemistry involved. Any color can be an option, but mixing glazes is not the same as mixing paint. There is much more to the process and many tests needed to bring about the right color. Because of this, I have limited the color options to the ones seen below. These colors are tested and proven to both work well together and be food safe. I am always developing, learning, and creating, and more colors might show up, but for now, these are the options I offer.

 Individual Colors: Black, White, Nutmeg, Brown, Cobalt Blue, Turquoise, Mint Green  Color Combinations: Black/Nutmeg, Nutmeg/White, Brown/Blue, Brown/Green, White/Blue (Not Shown)

Individual Colors: Black, White, Nutmeg, Brown, Cobalt Blue, Turquoise, Mint Green

Color Combinations: Black/Nutmeg, Nutmeg/White, Brown/Blue, Brown/Green, White/Blue (Not Shown)


When it comes to custom work, many people are afraid the price will be too large to ask for something specific. However, it is my desire that we would begin to create and use custom artwork to bring meaning and purpose into our everyday lives. To have something you helped design, knowing that you helped bring the piece of artwork into existence is worth it. When it comes to mugs, the price is very reasonable for custom work. It only begins to get tricky as we move into uniquely designed pieces. 

Name(s) and Date(s) on a Specialty Mug


Custom Mugs for Business

$30* + $99 Design Fee

Completely Custom Work

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