Wheel Throwing Class


Wheel Throwing Class

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If you ever wanted to learn how to throw and make pots on the pottery wheel, this is the class for you. Whether you have have a lot of experience or no experience, I can take you to the next level in your artistic expression on the wheel.

Classes typically start the 1st week of the month and go for 4 weeks. A $20 deposit holds your place and the rest of the money will be due at the first class.

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This wheel throwing pottery class focuses on the wheel. You will learn basic and intermediate wheel throwing techniques, how to think creatively, and how to glaze your bisque fired pots by dipping with different glazes. You can expect to learn the following skills:

  • Center and control the clay to create cylindrical forms in to mugs and vases
  • Create open forms for small and large bowls
  • Throwing plates and platters
  • Trimming 

For more advanced students, we will work on:

  • Making larger forms, plate, platters, and lidded forms
  • Making sets
  • Pulling handles
  • Creating both artistic and functional ware

Over the course of 4 classes you will walk away with one to four finished wheel thrown bowls, mugs, plates and vases. Continuing students further explore these basic forms, and expand their skill with greater control to larger and more complex forms.

Classes are held at Makin Glass and Pottery Studio located in Anderson, CA. The cost of the class includes up to 25lbs of clay, studio fees and the cost for all of the glazes and firings. More clay will be available for purchase for the ambitious student. Many students will repeat a class to develop their skills and create new pieces.

Family members or friends that sign up together will each get a $20 discount. Returning students will also get a $20 discount.

At this time, there will be no refunds for classes missed.

If you have any questions, email me at info@jarpottery.com.